Asunder is my 1st unit project based off of Dante's Inferno but, as a rouge-like rpg. It was helped made with Rylee Chisholm. Essentaly the gameplay boils down to the player going to diffrent floors to gain levels and loot to fight bosses and win. We never fully completed the game due to the one week period we had to complete it but we are looking forward to finishing it i the future.

Pokemon Safari Park


Pokemon Safari Park was a quick Pokemon expericence. You would first pick your starting Pokemon and then go catch pokemon to catch diffrent pokemon and fight at the battle towers to get access to the secret legendary pokemon. We feel like wwe could do more with the game maybe add a save file and also add evos for pokemon as well.

The GOAT: Satoshi Tajiri


This is my first website I ever made. It was a project on who we thought was a the GOAT so, I choose Satoshi Tajiri because, even though he is the creator of Pokemon he never really gets talked about a lot.